McFarland Weed Spraying - Innovation in chemical application.
Our Equipment
We have a hilux ute fitted with a quick spray unit. The unit has twin reels with 200m of hose allowing us to reach hard to get places.We provide local councils with road side weed control along with selective weed control on rural land with these units
We now have 2 Land Cruiser Utes that are fitted with 1000L Quik Spray Units.
We also have our Uniboom 60ft Boomspray that has GPS guidance with auto steer and boom section control for precise application of chemicals and fertiliser.
Our Deisel Polaris Ranger is great for use on those hard to get to areas, smaller blocks and treed areas.
We have a 5m boom (as seen in the photo)that can be used with the Polaris and a new Quik Spray Unit with a 200L tank for hand spraying those hard to reach areas.
We are currently hiring this unit out at $250 a day.
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